That is exactly what I have been since I hit the tarmac!
Lots of shoots and lots of work....
but I am soaking up the AZ sun and having a blast with all the cute kids and families! This is the Turley cute and sooo much fun!
I especially loved the little Miss who unlike her brothers LOVED to have her picture taken.
I would say, "Okay five more," and then she would say, "Okay you take five more of us and then two of JUST ME, k?! Oh how I love a take charge girl and one who loves the camera as much as it loves her!
More pictures will be on their way...keep yourself updated!


The family said...

Good job lindz! Carly I like the wall one so cut! Lindz I saw your email at 2:30 am! Good working, I'm excited for mine....sarah

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

Elle cracks me up and Copper lookslike a little model. These turned out great!!