A fabulous button for all! Everyone needs the cutest button on the block I SAY!
Here is one ready-made for you!


I've made this little button to attach on the side bar of your blog and am throwing a fun little contest for those who do it!!

Here is what you do:

Copy this from the scroll box at the bottom of this post.
Select a new gadget in your layout and go to the HTML gadget box and PASTE the info into the box.
Once you have done so leave a comment

(make sure that your blog is visible to me, (along with your name) so that I can see you have put it on your blog)
After you have done all of that magic, I will enter your name into a drawing!

The people who win will receive HALF OFF of a MINI SESSION or those who have already booked a mini will receive HALF OFF the MINI SESSION digital file packaging!!

You jest?! I DO NOT!
Ridiculously cool for just putting up a button?!? Oh yes....it is the real deal!

I will draw the winners on Wednesday MARCH 11th! Get blogging!!

<a href="http://www.piedpiperphoto.com"><img src=" http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd85/lksilsby/BUTTONlogoRESIZE3.jpg"/></a>


LaDue & Crew said...

I posted it on the left sidebar of my blog! ;-) Janet http://laduecrew.blogspot.com/

Rachel said...

DONE!! i had put your link on my friends list, but the button is much more catchy :)

rachel (tolman) jorgensen

ps the pictures of jessicas girls as fairies are to die for

Lizzie said...

So cute Lindsay!
Here's my blog address:
See you soon!
Liz Yori

Auburn said...

yeah! a pied piper button! that's just what I need! It's up lady ;o)

The Bevans Family said...

Love the button! I'm crossing my fingers I win! bevfam.blogspot.com
Thanks Lindsey! Chelsea Bevans

The Larrabee Family said...

Hello, I posted you on my blog.

Hope we get to work with you.
Carly Larrabee

Maury Harris and Co. said...

Hey Lindsay... it's Maury.

Did it!

Brenda said...

Woo Hoo! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one! You are definitely under my "good stuff" category. Mmwa. ~Brenda Kinnear www.gregbrendaavachloe.blogspot.com

AZ Lemon said...

I posted on mine. http://victorialemon.blogspot.com
Hope I get it!

Anonymous said...

I love your work!!!

Thanks- Scarlett

Amy Y said...

I'm in! yetterfamily.blogspot.com

Ami Bethea said...

I want to do this but I have a private blog. Is there an email address I can send you an invite to so that you can view it? thebetheas@cox.net

Kyle & Savannah said...

Done Deal!

thanks savannah

ZippityDoDaw said...

Button has been loaded! Love it.
Thanks, Wendy Daw

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

consider it DONE!

Jamie said...

Cute stuff. I'm putting it on my blog right now! Thanks. :)

Ami Bethea said...

Done, thanks! It is a small world, we love Bri!

tHe DoDd FaMiLy said...

i posted it on the right side on my blog. brittanyandjl.blogspot.com

thank you

The Eagars said...

done - botton by my friends list. clayandjulie.blogspot.com

Jen said...

I've added you to my blog!!!
and hello from Sedona!!!

Sara said...

So glad to now have you a permanant part of my blog! :)

***LIZ*** said...

I posted your button on my left sidebar. Thanks, I hope I win. http://allbecausetwopeoplefellinlove.blogspot.com/

Holly Rader said...

I posted it on my blog raderrendition.blogspot.com on the left sidebar. I have a private blog, though, and was wondering if I could get an email address to send you an invite. Please let me know! I love your photography and would love to win. jonathanandhollyrader@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Did it! Michon Draney

Heather said...

Done...but my blog is private(I just sent you an email)

I'll post it on my other blog though just in case...plainlytaken.blogspot.com

Thanks! Heather Nuttall

wiezbowski family said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicia said...

I added your button! here's my blog: thevossfam.blogspot.com (email for password). thanks!

Kristina said...

I love your pictures! I added you to my blog www.wildricefamily.com

Ps. I have 15 month old twins if you change your mind about shooting newborn ones! ;)

Jaimee said...

Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope! :D
I love your pictures! Love the picture of the family of five in the “Group Hugs” section where they are sitting outside on the chocolate couch. Amazing Work!
Thanks, Jaimee Buckley


(BTW-Put your button on my left sidebar under “Oh, The Places I Go”.)

Jenny and Wyatt Dannels said...

I did it...it's on our blog! I hope we get to work with you. I love your work. Jenny Dannels

The Hills said...

i would love love to have you take our pictures! you are so talented! the button is on my blog

Kameron said...

It's there! On the right sidebar. http://jkbybee.blogspot.com. Thanks!

Brandon & Michelle Riebeek said...

Button is posted on the right at brandonmichelleribeek.blogspot.com

Jenn said...

OKAY, I do know that I am late for the contest...but is there ANY WAY you would share with me how you created your button and put it on your blog and allowed us to copy and paste it? I saw that you used photobucket, but how do you create the box to put the code in? PLEASE HELP!! I have been trying to figure this out to put on my own photography blog!!

Anonymous said...

okay, I did it!!

KatRucker said...

Kathleen Rucker: consider it done! I will send you an email cause my blog is private, thanks!