There has been a big lapse in has been super crazy. Preparing for a number of projects coming up in March, plus the AZ March sessions, plus adding more stock to the Etsy store, plus adding more templates to the Hamelin Design, plus, plus, plus.....lets not forget doing the normal things in everyday life....seriously could there BE anymore laundry!?!?!? Whew.....I guess the maternity leave has finally ended!

This little beauty is still stealing my sleep but isn't she the cutest thing?! She does "love her milk" as you can see by the lovely chubby rolls!

While I am still incredibly busy at the moment, I had to take some time out to focus on the important things in life. My boy has been super sick today so we stayed home from church. It got me thinking about Natalie Norton. An amazing photographer with recent heartbreak that she has shared with all.

The great thing about being a photographer is that I have made amazing photographer friends, aquaintances and colleagues. Whether they be friends I have met in person or friends who I have met online, even if only briefly, they have become friends who uplift, inspire and enjoy each other and each other's work because they understand that being a photographer is more than taking a photo. It is a special thing to "freeze" time and be a part of sealing memories forever. I love what I do and love coming into contact with others who feel the same. We rejoice for one another and also feel for one another when hard times come around.

I happened upon Natalie's blog by one of the boutiques I work with. Natalie's fourth child, baby boy Gavin died just a couple of weeks ago. He was not quite 11 weeks old. So so hard. There is no way anyone could possibly imagine the pain that she must feel. I have thought about her and her family often since it all happened because my Libby was born the same day. Despite the tragedy, Natalie is beacon of strength. Her faith is incredible and while there is no question that she would rather have her son back in her arms, she must know that so many others have had their own faith increased.
I know mine has immensely.

Oh Natalie, I pray for you to have comfort and that everyday it will get easier to breathe but I feel so blessed by what you are teaching us all and sharing the ever important message that families are forever. I too like you know...that while the pain must be so hard to won't be forever.


Brookie said...

I agree on how much my faith has been increased because of this gethsamane(sp?) experience she and her family has had, it makes me want to be a better mom and live up to those things that Heavenly Father expects me to do on this earth. I found her through your blog thanks for sharing her, she and you are an inspiration to me.
brooke pehrson