I will be taking THREE more seats for the workshop! I am so excited! I have a number of vendors who are giving away their stuff for free to all of the attendees, the door prizes are fabulous, the venue is perfect and it is going to be a day of all around fun! There will be online classes and other offers that I will have in the future ONLY for my attendees to learn and gain more from yours truly! So if you are interested SNATCH IT UP NOW! You can book via the the icon of yours truly "shushing away" on the righthand side of the screen.

I have had many questions about my next return after the 2009 Spring Sessions. Unfortunately, I will not be back in 2009. I know....say it aint so! How am I supposed to take care of my Mexican food and Trader Joe needs?!?! Trust is NON-EXISTENT in England! Alas, it is the truth and I can tell you with a SURETY that I will NOT be back this year. Sooooo if you are looking to get your Pied Piper fill now is the time to get it in! You can book a MINI session or a regular session via the blogsite as well!

Any questions PLEASE feel very free to send me an email to:


Jen said...

I want that last spot! I sent you an e-mail!!! Fingers crossed!!!