Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I have ONE SLOT left for the workshop!!
Jump on is going to be a blast!!!

The winners will have 3 days to claim, if it is not claimed...we'll draw AGAIN!


Jen said...

WooHoo! That's me!!! Thank you so much! I sent you an e-mail!!!

Ashley said...

I want to do your photography class. I just spoke with my husband and he gave me the o.k. to do it. Do you still have that 1 slot available?

Ashley Poulsen Kuhni

Look forward to taking it!

***LIZ*** said...

So I didn't win, but I just wanted to say I love that you did a video of all the name pulling, so fun & exciting!!

Jaimee said...

I know I didn't win but I just have to tell you that I love your work with family portraits! My sister is a friend of yours, Summer Driggs, and she was telling me about her talented friend's website and then I told her about a website I loved to peek at and they both ended up being your Pied Piper website! Thanks for posting all your beautiful work. It's nice of you to share your ideas. :D

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed it....:(

Oh well... I'll keep signing up... Thanks Lindsay -Scarlett