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Thursday, 2 April 2009

Oh goodness me! The workshop was this past Saturday and it was so great!! We had almost 30 in total so it was a lovely sized class! All of my attendees (and you know who you are) were fabulous! There was A LOT to take in and learn so I hope that it is all starting to sink in and "gel" in your mind!! Here are some of the shots from the mock photo shoots we had. I've used the actions that came on the CD's for all of you students. There will be more shots of the workshop itself as for now....I want to see your photos! Here are mine so those who couldn't come won't have missed out on too much ;)


this photo was done with a levels adjustment, "pop rock it" action in the Hamelin Action set, then the basic BW with a contrast adjustment.


this was done with a basic color action, "pop rock it" action, sharpen and then "sweeten the image" action.

this photo is an example of "shooting from the hip." I literally laid my camera on the ground to take the shot. It is a funky approach but creates a different kind of pleasing look. This was processed with "pop rock it" action, basic bw, levels, sharpen and then a contrast adjustment.
This was done with the basic color, "pop rock it," then the "seventies" action (by Pioneer woman) dialed down in opacity to 75%. Then a sharpen, then the sweeten image action dialed down to a 10%.
Same used here!

"Pop rock it" action then the basic BW with a contrast adjustment and a levels and curves. Finish off with a sharpen!

this was done with a basic color, "pop rock it," sharpen, contrast adjustment, then a sweeten the image!

More photos are coming so stay tuned!! There are a number of queries I have had about buying the booklet and CD from the workshop. If you are interested in purchasing it please contact me at: infoATpiedpiperphotoDOTcom
The cost for the booklet and CD is $250


Holly Rader said...

So cute...Thanks again for taking our pictures. The one on here of Savannah is beautiful, and I can't wait to see the rest.

Anonymous said...

I went to the workshop and have used the actions and love them... how ever... I don't see the "pop rock it" action under the hamelin action folder? :(