Family of my own.....

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Doing family photos has become a regular staple when we go back to Arizona to visit!
Since we live so far and don't get together often they must be done!!!
It is always a riot to watch us from a distance! I, of course, am counting with the tripod all by it's lonesome and me running back to my place as I set the timer! (I need my darn remote!)
I wish I would have been a little more pregnant to show that TRULY I was pregnant and don't ask me about my hair.....what was I thinking?!
NONETHELESS, I treasure these photos since they are all a huge distance from me! I can look at them and feel like I am not so far.

Here is the whole crew!
Photobucket the sweetest guy....just being this shot!
The siblings always gotta get the fam shots in....lovin' it!
Cute cousins...
The grandkids....this is was about the best we could get but I must say....they are all being very true to their nature.....minus the screaming "L" she is normally like this......

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Kathi said...

Beeautiful family Lindsay! Love these shots. What a lucky family to have you among them. Thank you for sharing your own family with us.

Sara said...

AS always Linz, you are beautiful. I actually didn't recognize you at first with your brown hair! Still getting used to that.

Laurie said...

These are so natural and beautiful. That is a HUGE family to shoot but you did such a great job. As always your color and processing are divine!

Shalisa said...

I am a frequenter of photo blogs and I love the look of your photos. Especially the ones with Brileigh and Dalton. I was their kindergarten teacher. Love those kids. They have a pretty great mom, too!
--Shalisa Arnold a.k.a. Miss Arnold