Oh yes we are still waiting....large....heavy.....super stretched and tight.....still waiting! I wish I could say that my maternity leave has kicked in yet I am still busy working on a few things! What can I say? I DO love what I do! I've been trying to take some moments here and there to relax and enjoy my little guy before my attention has to turn to a little one. So I have been making bows and headbands....I cannot get enough of them whether they have been given, bought or made! I am sure that she has far too many but I do sell some of them so that is my excuse for making more!

I've been trying to spend time with Mr. D. He is so much fun and even a riot to have while I am shooting (YES I have still been having shoots...although falling over at some points while doing it!) He loves to get right in my lap and act like the photographer! A prodigy in the making!!!

So no little lady yet....stay tuned for the October contest....that is going up TODAY!!!


Joanne said...

Oh Lindsay, I've heard that last few weeks of being prego is nothing but an anxious waiting game. I have friends who've gone on long (long...) walks just in hopes of getting the process jump-started. It's worked in some cases, not in others. I think it's just a "it will happen when it happens" type thing.
Those bows seem a great way to release while you wait and they're so cute!
Good luck with baby, and I can't wait to see what you've named her. :)

Shane said...

LOVE THOSE!!!You are so talented Lindsay!

Shane said...

This is Shelley Breinholt by the way:)My blog is under construction!!

Tami Proffitt said...

oh my, could these be any cuter!

wishing you peaceful days leading up to the welcoming of your newest darling!

tara k said...

absolutely adorable, lindsay! :)