I don't know about any other little boys out there but this guy gets bored pretty quick. He spent most of last week inside because mom had lots of work to do and this week is pretty manic as well.
I felt bad.
My job as mom trumps all so...stopped the work, I did.
Fingerpainting. Our first time.
Being the child of quite the neat freak, my guy was not so sure about sticking his hands in the "yucky."
He quickly joined in after seeing me make lots of handprints and quite a mess myself.
We did it for over an hour which is pretty remarkable in our world!
Quality time...where a curious mind and heart that needs to be filled with love is met.
It was a good day.

Of course...then there is pack-up time.

This right here is a 2 year old conversation with mom.
First shot...umm no mom lets get more paint...
Top shot....sorry babe mom needs to do dinner...
Bottom shot....why and no mixed into ONE face
Last shot....a pensive look after I say we'll do it another day

Such an expressive boy!

It got me wondering...what else can you do with a two year old that will feed his desires and also get the love he needs?! What do you do with your little ones?!


CassiB said...

string up some noodles/cheerios on a shoelace (the plastic end makes it easier than yarn. good for fine motor skills.
he is such a cutie!

Misty said...

These are beautiful! We have done the whip cream or shaving cream with color food painting. My 4 year old LOVES hopscotch and just writing all over the sidewalks with chalk! Bubbles are always popular too!

helene said...

Beautiful shots, Lindsey! Love the muted colors and the clarity and expression in the eyes! Gorgeous!

Rachel Clare said...

Those last four shots are unreal- crystal clear. Love that little face!! So cute to see him on Skype today. :)

Joanne said...

I don't have little ones yet, but a good friend of mine just posted on her blog about these toys called Magformers:


These have kept her kiddos happy for hours at a time. She sits and builds objects with them and she can escape to make dinner or do laundry while they play.

I don't know if they ship to the UK but seeing as you'll be in the US here soon - it might be worth looking into. I bet your little man would probably love them!

Elam's said...

Foam stamps with paint or inkpads; play-doh; glue collages with pics from magazines; Holiday cards for grandparents and friends involving glue, glitter, tissue paper, etc, (Valentines, Easter, Christmas, etc.); coloring!

jen said...

Oh goodness these are so awesome!! And is the light really that divine in your house?? So perfect Linz! What a great memory.

Kathi said...

Go you awesome Mom! I can't believe just how DELICIOUS he is, oh my gosh! I want to eat him up. I love the pics of him having the conversation with you, holy wow!