I know, I know....you think....GEESH!
This crazy lady....how long have we waited?!
Where are they....when are they coming?!
I have a few excuses but my perfectionist flaw is the main the culprit.
When you dream up these sort of things (& I have long had them a part of my dreams)
getting it right visually is just the start.
Pulling that dream from your mind & getting it conceptually right is well.....a little bit more tricky.
I have held on to a few, still finishing up others, touching up pieces, & scratching some all together but they are actually coming....ACTUALLY....yes FOR.REALS.
I can't reveal them in pieces, they must be done as a whole so for now...
here are a couple of the studio finals...I love the simplicity of them.
Enjoy, get ready & dream.

More of the studio finals this week plus the release date of
The Pied Piper's
Nursery Rhymes & Fairytales.....


Christy said...

Oh my goodness!!! Lindsay- These are spectacular!! I so admire your style and vision!!!! Cannot wait to see MORE :)

Rachel Clare said...

You're a rockstar. 'Nuf said.

Laurie said...

AMAZING!!! I want to fly my daughter to you right now for this session!!!!

jen said...

Sheesh Linz. You are amazing. Would you get over here & photograph my family already? I love you. Keep rockin it girl!

Lisa Harris said...

I have been waiting ever so unpatiently got these to be finished:)
So lucky to have such a talented friend.

florabond said...

I love this! Miss Muffet! I always imagined Miss Muffet as a child sitting on a billowy, ruffled, pretty pillow. Isn't that what a tuffet is? LOL!

sarah goodman said...

Love u! Love my girly! And LOVE this image. Seriously can't wait to see it in print. U are so good at what u do!!!!
She just lost her first tooth today too. I am so glad that we had u photograph her!

Amanda said...

These are so cute!! Can't wait to see the final product!