Sometimes as an artist you start to see the same things.
Images start to feel humdrum and look "samey samey" to you.
Thankfully I have wonderful photographer friends who come up with fun projects for us to help and inspire each other.
An amazing photog friend started The One Word project this week.
Each week we submit (to Flickr) a series of four photos based on the word of the week....
this week is sugar.

I hope that I would have thought of something with a bit of artistry.
BUT it just so happens that I am trying to lose that post-baby chub and I am missing my sugar!
So there it is.

I wanted to do powered sugar but instead I did this little number.
Cinnamon sugar on toast.
Fills me with mounds of memories of my mom making me two slices of toast,
one with her homemade raspberry jam and the other with cinnamon sugar.
I tried it with Mr. Delicious but at the moment textures are a "YUCK!"
I hope one day that he loves it and it fills him with memories of warm toast and a mom who loves him so.

P.S. You can also purchases these lovely gems at my Etsy shop for a bright happy kitchen or a fun girls room!


Rachel Clare said...

So glad you're playing! I adore this series!

sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

aw, that is such an awesome idea! i think i may try it. it may have to wait with summer.. can't wait to be out of school! these are great pictures! i adore you. :]