Another week of the One Word Project.
Being in Arizona saved me on this one!
I don't have many retro things but thankfully my mom does!

Seriously tell me that you never drank from a tupperware cup as a kid?!
Don't you remember those tops that went on them too?
We used to chew the heck out of those!
I love that my mom still has them.
She still has her first tupperware set too.
I swear, I think they were better back then then they are now!
Don't tell my mom but I am stealing those!

The muffin tin was my grandma's.
The thing is so bent up, it is a wonder how cupcakes come out so perfect?!
Grandma's magic I suppose.

Shrimp cocktails jars.
My mother is a LOVER of shrimp cocktails!
Way back when you could buy them at the grocery store in those cute little jars.
Cleverly, ever so recyclable, my dear mom saved them for our drinks.
It is so fun to watch nieces, nephews and now my own drink their juice and milk.
Warms the soul.


CarolinaBlonde said...

I love tupperware cups!

Thanks for commenting on Ashley Ward's blog about our photoshoot. I got the letters from Pottery Barn Kids. I think this style was only available in lowercase. They were a little creamier than I wanted so I lightly painted them whiter.

Thanks again.

Joanne said...

I remember those cups and bowl lids very well. Good times, and cute one-word post as usual!

Barb's blessings said...

I have owned all of those at one time or another. Still have the cups and lids. We use them occasionally when the nieces and nephews come with their kids. Maybe someday we will have gkids of our own to drink from them. I'm hanging on to them just in case.

Kent loves shrimp cocktail also. Go figure. I finally threw out all of my little glasses. Now I wish I had saved a few.