Another session with a mom and her boys!
Having a boy of my own makes me appreciate the hard work they are but
boys are also soooo much fun!
These guys are no exception!

What a stud!

I know...I giggled over and over while I was editing this one!
He is a delish one!

Best buddies!!

Nothing is tapering off yet so stay tuned.....


Jamie said...

I love love love love love them Lindsay! You are amazing. My boys still tell me when I take a picture of them that "daddy eats his buggies" . Thanks! :)

Keighley Fleming said...

These are so wonderful! I agree that Grady is delish and Trey is a stud. Mom and Dad aren't too bad themselves. Great photos!


gina said...

they are so freaking CUTE! great job, linz...