I was excited to meet up with my good friend and old college roommate to take her fam photos.
I hadn't seen her new little guy and she is also expecting her second.
We had always joked that when we married and got pregnant we would laugh at our
preg chubs and joke about weight gain.
Then she showed up looking like this....

What is that all about?!
What happened to the idea of sharing the chubs?!
We can no longer be friends!

Joking aside (well maybe ;)...
how cute is her little man?!
Big one is not bad either ;)

I could not get enough of his delish rolls and red hair....
is it wrong to dye your babies hair?!
Maybe my L. Ru should be a redhead!
Where do you buy baby hair dye....hmmm

I could seriously eat him for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Beautiful family..*sigh* wicked sesh.

more to come....


Leah said...

So awesome linds...I love your colorful titles for each post....and this red headed momma is gorgeous!
And the last post about the momma with her princess is beautiful...what a treasure

Rachel Clare said...

How cute are these? Love the color!

MrsFierceShoes said...

That little guy is ADORABLE!!! Great photos...you rock!