What a treasured photoshoot for me.
A bit of heartache came with me to this session.
These beautiful sweet girls who lost a husband and daddy far too soon.

The ache left quickly as I met this amazing woman and a stunning little firecracker!

She was a total blast...not at all interested in me but that made her all the more fun!

This was the, "I am far too busy for you camera lady!" pose.

Although smiles all around for the people she loves!

Isn't this HILARIOUS!
You know that there is serious personality
when you get three different moods in three frames!
What a riot!

I can only imagine the difficult road it has been.
Thankfully forever truly IS FOREVER and
life has it's way of bringing in the sweet things that give you life and air,
I have no doubt this little lady does just that.

until next time....


Anonymous said...

This is so precious.

Misty said...

These are absolutely beautiful!!

Auburn said...

wanna cry just reading this post! what a gorgeous mom and daughter.

Erin said...

These are beautiful. She is a gorgeous mommy!! What a crappy hand to be delt, but it's true... family is forever.

Jennifer Chaney said...

Just beautiful - the mom, the sweet girl, and your work. The story saddens me deeply, but what you've captured is truly uplifting. :)

Figueroa said...

Thats my sister in law & niece. They are absolutely gorgeous and so blessed to have them in my life.

Rebecca said...

beautiful work Lindsey, what inspiring girlsX

Rachel said...

I went to beauty school with her and she is one of the most amazing people i have met. these photos are beautiful. I LOVE the 3 frame one. that middle one is hilarious! what a blessing for her to have her little girl. you can definately see the love in these pics

Carla said...

These are amazing pictures! You capture these sweet beauties perfectly.

JD and Hillary Darner said...

Beautiful ladies. That mamacita has gorg hair!
Our hubbies served missions together :)

Erick & Molly said...

Beautiful!! They are both darling. I love the F family! They are an AMAZING bunch of people! I was so happy to see that you did their pictures. Linds...being your friend, is like being a friend to a celeb! Your work is BREATHTAKING! Thanks for sharing!