A mother's day post for all the wonderful women I know.

my sweet mom and sister...

my dear mother-in-law....

Quite remarkable creatures really.
Amazing at so many different things and some at the same time!
Now before this starts to sound feminist,
I assure you it is not.
Men and women are made to compliment one another without question.
Like peanut butter and jelly, fabulous on their own but perfection when together!
Oh dear let me not digress....heaven knows I love me a PB&J....
In all seriousness, I think about this a lot.
Women and the certain kinds there are.
The potential that they have, use and become great or...not.
There ARE certain kinds, you know.
Categories if you will.
Too numerous to really be named but truthfully it boils down to two.
A dividing line between two kinds.

The kind that create beauty and love wherever they go, they are wrought with kindness and thinking of others far more then themselves.
They KNOW who they are, what life is about and where they are going
and they ACT accordingly.
They know that ONE good woman can do great things.

Or the other kind.....who think nothing of others or any damage they do in their wake, they breed gossip and judgement, take no responsibility for their actions and do not understand their divinity which in turn leaves them without respect from others and quite sadly without respect for themselves.
It's quite tragic really.
Some just don't get it and some never will.

Now if you're like me you may find yourself in the gray area in between.
I wish I could say that I have never partaken in a juicy piece of gossip
or that I haven't had a selfish time or two (or MORE *ahem*) in my life.
I'm no bit of perfection but I would like to keep my body on the better half of the line.

Women can be amazing when they combine to do something good but also just as amazingly VICIOUS when they gossip or tear down an individual.

Okay this is a large rant and I am by NO MEANS any expert on this subject but...
I guess it has had me thinking on this mother's day as I have spent hours working on photos of stunning wonderful women and many young little women who I wonder what kind of woman they will be.
I think about my own mother and the many other mothers who surround me.

What kind of mothers are we?
What kind of woman am I?

I hope that I have patience like my mother.
That I play with my children the way she did with me.
That I am steadfast in holding to precious morals.
That they will know who they are, where they come from and where they are going.

Give a girl a good mother and she can do anything.
Thank you mom for all that you are....

Happy Mother's day to all the amazing women out there!


Lisa Harris said...

Love this Lindz. I also fall into the middle of this as most do. I've had lots of experience with other women:) over the past few years and it really is sad how quickly a woman will fall into the latter category. So deep that you have to wonder why and how they can feel so little value in themselves.
It scares me to raise 3 little girls. I can only lead by example and hopefully that will lots of time praying will be enough to send them into life knowing who they are in Heavenly Father's eyes.

...the pic of your mom and sis is so sweet. beautiful women.

Happy Mother's Day!