What an absolute crack up!
I know there are parents out there who know that face their children put on when you say, SMILE!
And you think to yourself....where did they get that?!
I have seen it countless times and it ALWAYS makes me laugh!
And parents always worry about
getting shot that is much more true to that natural smile.....

This guy had it right the first time!

We got there in the end!

until next time....


Jen&Joe said...

Love them Lindsey! Thanks so much!Cant wait to see the rest

Alexa Mae said...

beautiful linz! you slay me everytime! i was so so sad we missed the ladybug picnic project. think of me next time! ;)

and little mattix perkins (miss muffet) picture is adorable!! love those perkins gals!

Rebecca said...

hillarious! Orihah is getting exactly the same way with his smiles and he always used to be so natural. Good job they have the fantabulous you!! They turned out stunning.