Let me say it again....AH!
What a fun and cute family!
Love their three darling little girls and their seriously cute little guy!
What a treat for me!

Hula hoop master.
This girl could hula her way into anything...
even more amazing...she taught herself.

Ummm could you not put her in your pocket and take her home?
Vintage goodness right here.

I love the sweet eyes and the blankey.....
a girl after my own heart!

Oh my the dude.
After three girls a lovely pleasant surprise.
He is LOVED....oh so VERY LOVED!
Fights about who gets to hold him, kiss him and snuggle him.
Including me.....hey I wanted a piece of the Mr. Yummy too!

Just the girls.....

Scrumptious family....seriously though!

'tis a great thing to capture life....


jen said...

Wonderful! What a fun, fun session. Beautiful family, beautiful images! As always!!

OZZANA said...

Amazing photography!

Kristy said...

honest to goodness, i think you are so stinking talented. i love checking your blog for the most recent pictures!!!!

Jamie said...

Love the guy on the bike.

www.thelighthousephotography.com said...

These are just fabulous!! You showcase each personality so perfectly! I'm in awe!!

Bridgette said...

That picture of the girls and the baby boy is one of the greatest pictures I have ever seen. So fits the title. I love the whimsy of your work :)