Okay...you know that fabulous beauty mark girl I was just talking about?!
There is ANOTHER one can you believe it?!
She is the part of the yin to the yang...
A double duo with amazing skills to compliment each other!
Hillary is such a stunning beauty and it was more than a pleasure to photograph her gorgy fam!

This cotton field was such perfection....so love this!

I believe this little lady is set to be just as stunning as her momma!

Thanks H....you are the sweetest..
love working with you & photographing your darling fam!


Lisa Harris said...

That little girl is delicious! Love the cotton fields Linds!

JD and Hillary Darner said...

I love love LOVE everything about these. The Piper has worked her magic once again! THANK you THANK you!

Kristy said...

darling family. amazing work!!!!