week three of fifty-two......

Monday, 24 January 2011

Ugh...what a week it has been!
I know, I know...posting the third week when I am starting the fourth...
Some say that is just silly but according to one of my besties...I am just "shakin' it up!"

Me and my Steve Maddies...oh these boots that I love soooo much.
They are perfectly grey and my go-to shoes for shoots.
What I love more is that I got them off of Ebay for $10.
I know....so rad.
I was hoping to be with them as they are in this first shot.
Criss-crossed propped up on a train seat on their way up to London.
I was so looking forward to a photographers convention but the latter photo kept me from going.
While sad, yes quite sad...not nearly as sad as the sickly boy who would have been without his mom which would have been MORE sad.
So staying home with him is not a sad thing at all.

Thankfully he is mostly better!
Week four coming next.....