Week thirteen of fifty-two.......

Sunday, 3 April 2011

I think one of the greatest pleasures in living in England is the markets.
I was lucky enough to be near this yummy continental market in Chelsea this weekend.
I literally could smell it before I even arrived there!
I love them....the fresh veg and fruit, the French delicacies, Spanish chorizo, Portuguese rolls, savory English pies, cupcakes.....is your mouth starting to water yet?!
Well feast your eyes on these......

I bought that yummy heart cake for Big Daddy Delish....he loved it!

Pies in honor of Kate & Wills.....so sad I won't be in the country for that one!

I joke you not when I say.....I could eat that whole table of cheese.
Oh cheese.....I love you so much.

I am glad I only bought a French cheesecake and the heart cake....the rest would have been more than the fatrolls could handle!!