My beautiful and very talented friend from Green Apple Images.
She is a beaut that is FO SHO!
I loved the idea she had to be photographed with her brownie camera and green apples.
So fabulous!
I had to throw in some HOT MAMAS for her too....I mean good heavens LOOK AT HER!
A mother of four...unbelievable!

Aww this shot makes me wish for a Crackers lunch and some good laughs!
Soon Mrs. R....soon!!!

So glad to call you friend, J!


Michelle O said...

I'm IN LOVE!!!! Fabulous photos of a fabulous girl! xoxo

Rachel Clare said...

Ahhhhh! I love these! Jen, you're smokin'!! These are so awesome. Love!

jen said...

Oh Linz! Thank you so much for these! xoxoxo

Jessica said...

She seriously is so hot. :)

Marilyn said...

And she's my kid!! So how does this proud mama get a copy of one of these for her photo wall?