If you have not yet heard of the incredible sensational CHIC CRITIQUE FORUM than you are MISSING OUT!!

Often, I get emails and calls about wanting to attend my workshops or do mentoring. However, those opportunities, with my busy schedule are FAR and few between! This is a fabulous (and thrifty!) way of hearing from someone who has been through it and can help your work and business GET BETTER!

My students have raved about how amazing and great this experience was for their photography skills and business! Here are some sweet words:

"Lindsay was good at pointing out first what worked well in the photograph, whether composition, lighting, exposure, etc., then would specifically say what didn't work and how it could have been done differently to make that better. She also made suggestions about other ways to try to achieve the photo or a different way of looking at the scene."

"She was so positive, yet really helpful in her suggestions and critiques. I learned from each one of them."

It may seem daunting to have your photos viewed and critiqued so there is a NEW option! You can do the "chic peek" which allows you to watch and view the other students critiques!

HOWEVER, if you join my full critique class my standard "treat" remains! A one hour online mentor session to help you in your photography skills and business! In addition to THAT fun stuff, a fabulous contest is up for my students ONLY as well! A an in person mentor session during a live shoot! How sweet is that?! Only those who sign up for the class will have a shot of winning it! If you are still scared, take a look at one of my videos of a critique!

As you can see, my belly is about ready to pop so this will be my last critique class before my maternity leave is in full swing!!



Heather said...

I'm going to seriously look into this! I attended your workshop at Domestic Bliss way back in the day and absolutely loved it! Your work is always so inspiring!

Nixie Fotos Photography said...

Hey that video looks familiar (wink wink)
Loved your class I recommend it to EVERYONE I know (that's a photog or wanting to be!)
Good luck with you new baby soon!