Matilda Jane!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

More-ish: having a very pleasant taste and making you want to eat more.
It is one of my favorite English slang words.
It totally makes me think how more-ish the Matilda Jane's Paint by Numbers collection.
I just want MORE!
The colors are divine and the mixes are SUPERB!

This lovely set is from the Paint By Numbers Collection.
Leggings: Gallery Leggings

Well see for yourself......

 photo DSC_4433_zps75e079e0.jpg

 photo DSC_4424_zpsf9c98cd6.jpg

 photo libsMATIL_zps51f1578e.jpg

 photo DSC_4560_zpsff3250b9.jpg

I think I could buy everything on that entire page. 
So cute, so suitable for every girl, amazing quality and uniqueness at it's finest!
Go check them out!