Pied Piper Photography's 2014 SUMMER calendar activities!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

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School....is....OOOUUUTTTT....for the SUMMA'!
Oh yah....sing it with me!

I get as excited as I do stressed for school to be out!
I long to have time with my kids & not worry about the busy-ness of to-ing & fro-ing from school!
BUT OH....to keep them from boredom!
Sometimes that is JUST as difficult!
SO last summer we devised a plan....
I printed out some calendars along with activities that we could put up for each day!
Some were simple, some were bigger & some were all-day-ers!
When I saw the calendar up with all of the activities, I thought that I had bitten off more than I could chew!
Sometimes my energy lacked but suprisingly at the end of the summer I was sad that our time was over!
We had SO much fun & my children still talk about the fun we had & the things we did!

These are just a few of our images that we took during our calendar activities!
See for yourself:

 I spent time putting this calendar package together last year because I couldn't find anything that I loved & that worked!
SO...I hope you can find this download helpful & fun for your family!
We're not out for another 7 weeks so you will all start having loads of fun without us!


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Artifact Uprising is one of my new faves sites!
Their IG books are the best & it would be a great win!
SO get involved, have fun with your kids & win a memory book at the end!

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All of the images used in the slideshow were edited with The Piper's Portobello Actions!
They are 50% off to begin the BIGGER SUMMER BLOWOUT (you know I couldn't resist a Frozen tag!)
Check out the actions HERE & use the code: SUMMER50


Starr Phippen said...

I cannot get the download to open in DropBox. It keeps saying error 404. Any advice? I love the calendar!

Madalyn Nuttall said...

Same here.