I will also be holding on April 9th,
Fairytale Studio day.
This is a chance to capture your child in their beloved costumes & dress-ups.
You will receive all of the images in aged black and white and also heirloom color.
$150 per child.

Seriously, frame this, hang it, treasure her forever!


Kristy said...

oh. my. goodness. that is the cutest thing i have EVER SEEN. you are so talented. what a great gift you have. awh, to be like you as a photographer, and i'm not even one to begin with :O)

jen said...

Oh man how I love these. LOVE. I NEED you to do this for my girlies. And I wanna watch you work it & grovel at your feet. xo

Sara said...

I LOVE this Linz! Can't wait to see more. When you make a book, I'm totally buying it!!!