Wish I was a Pinterest Mom.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Alas....I am not.
I find myself grateful for days that I just get the laundry folded.
I wish I could say that my house was off of my "for the home" Pinterest board and that each shot I took in my home looked like it was full of light.
Alas it is not.
At least not yet.
We live in a home that is temporary thus with MANY things that I would NOT choose and in a country where the sun doesn't shine much.
It's not exactly a photographers dream.
I got talking today with a friend today about journal writing and I realized that the images of my children are my journal.
A journal that is not nearly as filled as it should be.
SO....I've been getting my camera out a little more often, even if the background is not my favorite.
because these two are......
 photo DSC_8207_zpsb8d0b5cc.jpg

 photo DSC_8138copy_zpsf0979ec7.jpg

Love the way she rubs her nose on her blankey.

 photo LampE_zps978b33a2.jpg

 photo DSC_8120_zps80a5a9b8.jpg


Summer said...

YES! You have to let go of some of the perfectionist tendencies. I have to remind myself of this all the time. My house that I decorated almost 11 years ago needs some changes. I don't love it as a backdrop but my kids are growing and the backdrop isn't changing at this point. Plus think about your favorite images of you and your family when you were a kid. I'm sure you could care less about the background. You like the images that remind you how it really was back then. Love you and your adorable kids.