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Friday, 11 July 2014

As we are slowing things down at Pied Piper Photography, gearing up for this baby, I am getting to some of my old projects! 
I wish I had done them not long after I shot them.
Particularly this "Pied Piper" shoot! I wanted to capture the name of my business and how it is also ME. I absolutely LOVE to photograph children, that above most else and so I wanted to GET THAT!
My perspective with my projects has changed as well as my style which is probably why I procrastinated them for so long...ahem three years ago! EEK!
These images are still joyous to me though...I am so grateful to a great team with The Beauty Mark and my dear friend Jen Roberts who listened to my crazy idea and my crazy voice shouting at her to shoot it!


 photo IMG_8274_zps681758ab.jpg

 photo IMG_8192_zps63005038.jpg

 photo IMG_8014blog_zpsd01db287.jpg
 photo IMG_7989BWblog_zps5eebf2c0.jpg

 photo IMG_8256_zps527cb59b.jpg

 photo IMG_8030_zps9d491b9e.jpg

 photo IMG_8175BW_zps74391847.jpg


Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures