A fun Father's Day gift.....

Monday, 29 June 2009

I haven't been able to share this one because it was a Father's day gift!
What a fab idea huh?!
I love when I get to photograph kids that I have shot before!
It is so fun to see them grow up and have new add-ons to the family!

Here is the new add-on! Isn't she a total doll?! I am, PERTUALLY, searching for props!
I had found a vintage swimming cap a long time, that I shot HERE previously.
After I shot it, I just had to have another one! So I found this little beauty before this session and thought that this little lady would suit it perfectly.......and so she has!

I LOVED this dog! She was SO big but so much fun to have in the photos! I am glad that they brought her.

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Rachel Clare said...

That DOG!! I love it so much! Such fab shots!!

Misty said...

Love the processing on these and that 2nd one...awww!

Lauren said...

These photos are absolutely stunning!

Sarah, Logan, & Benson said...

I was wondering what templates you used in these pictures. Are they any of the ones you have for sale? You can e-mail me at logancutts@yahoo.com
Sarah Cutts