Where does it go?
How is it that you have a baby and then all of the sudden they are ONE?!
Where does that time go?!

Her new "baby!"
I really wanted to buy her a FABULOUS doll but England is SERIOUSLY lacking in the good doll department.
So we opted for a very cheap baby doll and guess what my friends, it doesn't matter!
She is IN LOVE with that baby!!

Cake bunting...I know SO CUTE right?!
Made by my fabulous sister-in-law.
The cake.....well.....let's just say that I am a photographer and NOT NOT NOT a cake maker!!
I had this idea of the perfect GIANT cupcake but it SOOO did not pan out.
Thankfully that cute babe looked aside her mothers bad cake and ate it anyways!

Brother getting in on the cake action!

Sadly it does BUT with it also brings GREAT joy!
Our little delight is happily ONE!


Her blankey
Her brother
Cottage Cheese
Toddling everywhere as fast as her chubby legs will take her
Wearing bows & ripping them out
Laughing (for reals but the fake laughing is fun too)
Saying AMEN as loud as possible at the end of a prayer
Eating...anything really
Snuggling whenever she feels like it!

We are so glad you were born ONE year ago scrummy ru.

xoxo-the momma Piper.


Auburn said...

can't wait to see her NEXT WEEK!! I gotta see that little cutie walking.

Laurie said...

Oh the glorious beauty that is that sweet little girl! SO VERY PRECIOUS!

jen said...

Sweet pea! Can't believe how big our babies are getting!! Love these shots. Happy birthday Miss Libby-Ru!

Jaime S. said...

she is so pretty!